Self-Dumping Bin by OVP

Self Dumping Bins


The OVP self-dumping bin features:

  •   From 300 L to 3000 L capacity
  •   Useful for handling general waste and debris material
  •   Automatic self dumping

All our products are powder-painted with RAL color 7035. Hot-dip galvanized coating is also available on request.

We meet all European Directives and ASME Standards.


Efficient, Reliable, and Built to Exceed Your Expectations!

The self-dumping bin tackles waste and debris handling with unmatched ease. These heavy-duty bins come in a wide range of sizes and offers capacities from 300L to a whopping 3000L. The perfect solution for any waste management challenge.

Whether it’s construction debris, general waste, or industrial materials, our self-dumping bin is up to the task. Its robust construction and durable materials ensure it can withstand even the toughest environments.

Experience the automatic self-dumping feature because lifting has never been easier: say goodbye to manual lifting and dumping.

Embrace style and durability with our powder-painted RAL color 7035. This attractive finish provides added protection against wear and tear. Rest assured that these bins will maintain their pristine appearance even after prolonged use.

And for those seeking enhanced corrosion resistance, we offer a hot-dip galvanized coating on request, for unparalleled protection from harsh weather conditions.

Don’t know how to lift our bucket? We’ve got you covered! Request a quote for underhook attachments.


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Self dumping boat skip useful for handling general waste and debris material. The automatic discharge permits a safe work as it is not needed any intervention of the operator around the bucket. Available also with the galvanized coating.







10.01.09 300 1200 868 853 482 73 600
10.01.12 500 1302 1062 986 518 86 1000
10.01.15 750 1545 1172 1124 650 124 1500
10.01.17 1000 1716 1290 1201 665 246 2000
10.01.19 1500 1806 1272 1325 805 296 3000
10.01.21 2000 1990 1592 1496 864 549 4000
10.01.24 3000 2167 1942 1607 927 675 6000